Terms & Conditions

It is recommended to read carefully the order confirmation. All order confirmations are firm and binding.

unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Warranty period has a validity of Twelve Months (starting from the invoice date).

  • The above-mentioned Warranty is operative if the original manufacture configuration has not been modified. In case that modifications have been implemented, the Certification of Conformity of the machine is no longer valid.
  • The Buyer is obliged to check the conformity of the products and the absence of defects within 7 days from the delivery date; any complaint, to be valid, must be submitted in written form the Customer to Siat S.p.A.

Returns for non-compliance
must be managed according to the following procedure:

  • Contact in by e-mail ecommerce@siat.com  to agree the return, suppling the following information
    • Original purchase order or Siat invoice;
    • Siat part number and quantity;
    • Reason of the non-compliance.
  • Siat customer service will contact you providing the authorization document upon receiving the above information. 
  • The authorization document must be printed and enclosed to the box containing the materials to be returned, for the articles to be identified by Siat warehouse.
  • Siat request to return goods with the original packaging, in case the same is not available the sender is responsible to pack it in a proper way according to the type of material.
  • All the material will be controlled in Siat and after a quality control Siat reserves the right to authorize or not authorize the return, if this is going to be authorized then Siat will proceed with the credit process.
  • Any material sent back without the requested documentation will be returned, from Siat warehouse, to the sender. The carrier cost will be invoiced.
  • Transport shipping instruction will be provided by Siat customer service.

Shipment: unless otherwise agreed, the supply of the products is meant DAP, Delivery at place (delivery to the place of destination). The supply of the machines and the express supply is foreseen only in Europe.

Payment: any payment delay or disturbances, gives to SIAT S.p.A. the right to:

  • Suspend the ongoing conditions, although not related to the payments in question
  • Change the payment terms and discounts for subsequent deliveries, also requiring advance payment or the issuance of additional guarantees;
  • In case of payment delay, SIAT S.p.A. has the right to apply "default interest", that will be calculated based on the Official European discount rate increase of 3%.

Penalty/Damage: the customer will not charge Siat S.p.A. of any penalty/damage without the prior written consent of the same, otherwise these charges will be considered not valid.

Goods Property: The delivered products remain property of Siat S.p.A. up to the complete down payment. Siat S.p.A. will be entitled to sell, at any   time, to any third-party claims arising from the contract, after it has been notified in writing to the Purchaser.

Court of jurisdiction: any dispute either related to or dependent on the interpretation, validity or enforcement of these terms and conditions shall be referred exclusively to the Court of Milan. It is understood that possible tolerance to violations of such terms of sale shall in no way be considered as a waiver to exercise the right and/or powers connected, or consequential with them.